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hooper dryer


Product Description

1. The knife tool is refines with imported special tool-steel, the clearance between knife tools are adjustable, when it becomes blunt by using, it can be dismounted repeatedly, it is durable. 2. Using high-intensity steel screws to fasten the knife leaf and knife seat. 3. All walls of crushing chamber are treated by sound-proof, so having extra-low noise. 4. The electric motor has over-loading protection with power source interlock protection device. Double-safety protection for operatorsand electric motor.


Product Feature

The dryer is efficient and applied to dry the plastics material. Features: 1. Adopting hot air diffuser device to keep the plastic dry evenly and increase the dry efficiency. 2. Inner hopper and all the internal parts are made of stainless steel. 3. The separated design of the pail and the bottom of hooper is convenient to clear and changing material. 4. Adopt proportional deviation indication thermostat to control the temperature accurately 5. Double overheating protection can avoid the accidents caused by people or machine.

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