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High quality flexo anilox printing rollers

  High quality flexo anilox  printing  rollers 

 Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: SANYUAN
  • Model Number: SJ500
  • Type: Roller
  • Use: Flexo graphic
  • Printing Type: Flexo graphic
  • model type: flexo anilox printing rollers
  • Coating Ceramic: Anilox Roller
  • Screen angle: 1-89 degree
  • Diameter range: 25-500 mm
  • LPI: can be 80-2000
  • mum width: 3800mm 4250mm ( with axis)
  • chromium: treatment
  • carborrundum: grinding
  • laser: engraving
  • polishing: cleaning

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: film pack, cloth pack and wooden pack.
Delivery Detail: on receiving deposit, lead time is 15 days


flexo anilox printing rollers
1.Screen angle 1-89 degree
2.Diameter range 25-500 mm
3.LPI can be 80-2000mm


Anilox rollers 1.good transitivity of printing ink 2.long effective life time 3.stable printing quality 4.customized

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Coating Ceramic Anilox Roller

1.Screen angle 1-89 degree

2.Diameter range 25-500 mm

3.LPI can be 80-2000

Coating Ceramic Anilox Roller

Specifications and Parameters

1. Screen count range : 80-2000 LPI

2. Maximum width : 3800mm 4250mm ( with axis)

3. Diameter range :25-500 mm

4. Screen angle : 1-89 degree

5. Cell shape : hexagon , quadrangle and line , etc and the many morn cell shapes may meet your requirement .

Main Features

1. Anti-fraying , Anti-corrosive , Thermostability, Long-life service and cost-sacing .

2. The cell engraved by ALE fiber laser engraving machine , has a large quantity of ink-containing .

And the cell has a regular shape and a smooth cell-wall and cell-bottom . Thus , not only can the ink in the cell release quickly , but also it can easily to clean .

3. Taking strict process of plasma-sprayed ceramic layer , guarantees the porosity , the thickness and the uniformity of the layer .

4. Combined with the super-alloy stainless steel layer to ensure the solid combination of the ceramic layer and the roller base . So , it can present the corrosive substance of the printing ink to plug into the roller base effectively .

5. Providing all the products the cell-volume detecting report to ensure the accuracy of the cell’s ink-containing .

Processing Flow

Based-roller Processing → Sandblasting Treatment → Nickel-chromium Alloy Coating →Chromium Oxide Ceramic Layer → Carborundum Grinding → Carborundum Polishing→Laser Engraving → Polishing and Cleaning


1. Flexographic Printing, Lithography Printing , Gravure Printing

2 .Flexible Packing

3. Label , Envelope , Paper Forms , Handbag

4. Corrugated Box

5. Plastic Film, Coated Paper Products, Glazing

6.Wallpapers , Wooden-patterned Paper , etc .

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